Subsea fluids

Seafloor equipment (e.g WOCS, MRT and BOP) are primarily maintained through hydraulics on platform or on shore and it is vital that they are reliable and responds quickly. 

Blow Out Preventor (BOP) Fluid testing program for leading products:

  • Pelagic 50
  • Erifon HD
  • Stack Magic

Examples of analysis:

  • Concentration of particles – cleanliness classification (SAE AS4059)
  • Concentration of glycol in glycol based products
  • Concentration of glycol in synthetic oils (pollution)
  • Concentration of BOP concentrate

Additional resources:

If severe system troubles arise and in conjunction with troubleshooting can an in depth analysis of particles in the fluids be helpful. We achieve this through electron microscopy (SEM) or x-ray (XRF).

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