Fuel is a collective name for energy-bearing fuels in liquid form or as gas, meaning substance that creates energy through a combustion process and can therefore be used to operate machines. At Invicta we work with the liquid variations of fuel and the issues around their use, e.g diesel, marine diesel (MGO), jet diesel (JET A1), biodiesel (FAME, HVO) and gasoline. 

Common issues:

  • FIlter blockage
  • Injector problems
  • Cooling properties
  • Microbacterial growth


Our analysis will be able to reveal whether it is the fuel causing the given problem. We identify the contamination and the probable cause. We can also quantify and characterize particles present in the fuel.

Specific fuel analysis offered from our laboratory in Oslo, Norway:

Density ASTM D4052/EN12185
Conductivity ASTM D2624
Microbes MM2 IP385
Apperance Inhouse
Cold Filter Plugging Point (CFPP) EN16329
Cloudpoint (CP) EN23015
Vapor Pressure – RVP ASTM D5191/EN 13016-1
Destilation ASTM D86
Existent GUM ASTM D381/IP540
Fame-content diesel EN 14078
Fame-content JETA1 IP 585
Colour ASTM D1500
Colour Saybolt ASTM D6045
Flash Point Abel IP170
Flash Point PM EN2719
Freezing Point ASTM D7153
Copper Corrosion ASTM D130/EN2160
Micorbacterial growth by microscopy InHouse
Microsep – MSEP ASTM D7224
Oxydation stability biodiesel EN 15751
Oxygen in water InHouse
Particulate matter, Millipore ASTM D2276
Particulate matter, diesel EN 12662
Rust InHouse
Sulphur content EN 20846
Silver corrosion IP227
Water in fuel – KF EN 12937
Water reaction ASTM D1094


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