Offshore installations have a lot of complex machinery and systems that require maintenance. By implementing these machines and systems into a condition-based monitoring maintenance system, where regularly oil sample analysis play an important role, the operator may potentially save substantially on maintenance costs and ensure optimum uptime.

Our OCM services complie to DNV GL (Classification notes 10.2 – Guidance for condition monitoring) .



Oil sample analysis in connection with condition-based maintenance and extended intervals on oil change will help with optimum uptime and potentially save costs on oil spill and outage.


Oil sample analysis of propulsion and auxiliary systems will give early indications on malfunctions, both mechanical and in relation to technological oil issues. Most system providers recommend regular analysis of both oil and fuel.



Our analysis services can be used to to prolong oil change intervals, control condition of equipment, troubleshooting and fuel quality.

Private vehicles

Check the state of your vehicle’s engine and gearbox. Are you using the correct oil type? Or check if the oil used really is good for 30.000 km as stated. Our analysis service is a great tool for insurance and warranty purposes.


Constructing and mining

Supervise your systems with regular oil checks to prolong lifetime of systems and components and to reduce oil change intervals.

Refrigeration and HVAC systems

Check to determine whether it’s time for an oil change! Quite a lot of oil is changed routinely on an hourly basis that leads to an unnecessary increase in costs for owner. An oil sample will determine if there’s any ongoing abnormal wear or pollution to the system and also give an indication on refrigerant quality.



Supervise both propulsion and hydraulic systems for optimum uptime and oil longevity.


Power generation

Routinely check oils on windmills, hydropower, gas power and turbines for optimum longevity on both systems and oil.


Power supply

Backup devices are essential for several industries to ensure continuous operation. What happens if the reserve power supply does not work when needed?