Price Increase for 2022

Dear Customer. As a result of the general price increase, we must also adjust our prices for 2022. The reason is that all our suppliers increase prices, but also that we have adjusted slightly on the analysis packages (for oil analysis). The price increase is...

New customer portal launched in September

ILUM Access, our new customer portal, launched September 2nd. All existing customers can use this free of charge, but it is required to register a personal user account online: Our existing system, ILA Web will be discontinued.

ILUM Connect

ILUM Connect is a documented API which can be used to connect software to Invicta's real-time oil analysis data. Integrations may be developed in any language or framework, as ILUM Connect is based on REST API architecture. Available in mid-2019 together with ILUM...

JET Fuel testing

Analysis of jet fuel for re-certification and quality control offered from Oslo area (OSL).


Oil analysis is an excellent tool in a state-based maintenance system (TK / CBM). In this way, one can detect malfunctions and plan maintenance based on real maintenance needs.

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