HVAC Oil Analysis

Maximize oil, refrigerant and system life in your HVAC systems be regulary oil sampling. Our service contains unique high pressure aluminium sampling bottles, quick and relaiable results with easy to understand reports. Read more

ILUM Connect

ILUM Connect is a documented API which can be used to connect software to Invicta's real-time oil analysis data. Integrations may be developed in any language or framework, as ILUM Connect is based on REST API architecture. Contact us for details.

Quick and Acurate

Invicta AS provides used oil analysis services for clients worldwide. Our laboratory is located in Oslo, Norway. We spezialize in testing samples form various industries including shipping, offshore, aviation, mining, earthmoving, power industry, transportation and...

Coolant testing

Failure to keep cool is one of todays biggest challenges. By rountinely testing coolant quality you will prevent one of the most common reasons for failure: Over heating 

HVAC fluid testing

HVAC systems should be included in your CBM program. Invicta can offer over 35 years of experience in analysing and evaluating oil analysis results from HVAC systems.

Oil Condition Monitoring

Oil Condition Monitoring helps you prevent downtime, prolong system and oil life. Oil Analysis as part of your Condition Based Maintenance (CBM) program. 

Fuel Testing Services

Norway leading provider of Fuel Testing Services. Recertification of JETA1, quality and contamination tests according to EN590 and EN228

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Invicta AS

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