Invicta AS

by | Apr 6, 2020

Established in 1984 by Ken Hughes.

Kens experience from mining in Australia, and later on as an mechanic on several drilling rigs in Africa and the North Sea, lead him to be part of a new business taking place in Norway. He was involved in the startup of a Norwegian division of a US based oil condition monitoring laboratory, for big yellow earthmoving machines. A couple of years later, he did the same thing again but with some private investors, and this is the company known as Invicta AS.

Ken Hughes passed away in 2010. Invicta AS is now under management by Kevin Hughes and has been since 2005.

In 2021 Invicta AS acuired Circle Ks fuel analysis laboratory in Oslo Norwat, and therby expanding the range and quality of fuel oil analysis.

Invicta AS is located in Oslo, North (Ammerud) in 750 square meter facilities containing a modern laboratory, office space, training facilities and warehouse. The laboratory is updated with automated modern instruments and technologies, resulting in quick and accurate results.

All data is managed in a state of the art LIMS (Laboratory Information Management System), called ILUM Lims. System is custom made for Invicta AS, run from AWS servers. Customers have access to data through the portal ILUM Access (

Results on standard type of samples are ready within 2 working days after receipt.


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Visiting adress and Ship to address:

Invicta AS
Trondheimsveien 436b
0962 Oslo

+47 22901380
(Outside office hours: Mob.:+47 99705602/Managing Director)
EHF (936420133)

Opening Hours: Mandag til fredag 08:00 til 16:00

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Overall rating for Laboratory Standard: 88%
Approved for JET Fuel testing of May 8th 2023