Non-Fuel samples (Oil, coolants, control fluid, BOP fluid and other) (OCM):

Reports come with assessment of results

Symbol Description
OK: All analysis values are considered normal,
No action should be necessary based on the tests carried out.


Warning: One or more results have been assessed as abnormal,
but there is less likelihood of system or product problems
based on our findings.


Critical: One or more results have been assessed as critical and
could affect operation and functionality. This in turn can result
in component damage and machine breakdown.


Is not part of the accreditation. An assessment of results is based on historical values for the test point, experiences, corresponding samples of similar systems, changes in values and any limit values if these exist. Assessments are carried out at our best judgement, but are an assessment and not a definitive answer. Invicta AS takes no responsibility for actions taken based on these assessments.
Limit values (Reference on report) that are used are either given by the equipment supplier, oil supplier or Invicta AS. Information about this is available on request

Fuel analysis (FUEL):

For aviation fuel (Jet A-1) the results are compared with a theoretically calculated value and evaluated against the current requirement specifications (DEF-STAN 91-091 / AFQRJOS Checklist, latest issue), Accepted variations in test results are described in EI JIG 1530 , last edition.

Fuel and heating products are assessed against the requirements described in the Norwegian Industry Standard for fuel and heating products and/or the European standards, NS-EN 228, NS-EN590, ISO 8217, NS-EN 14214, NS-EN 15940 or other relevant standard

All Reports:

All assessments and interpretations of results are carried out by authorized personnel. The person who has evaluated the results as a whole has signed the report with their name (electronically)

Measurement uncertainty is not taken into account when evaluating results

Sample information:
Sample information, sample labeling and customer comments on the report are information received from the sender of the sample. We belive that information received by the sample sender is correct, and that this information may affect the validity of the assessment.

Change / revision of reports:
Revised reports are released with sample number-dot-revision number. Example when report 555666 is revised for the first time, sample number will be 555666.1
What has been revised and why appears in the report. Revised reports always replace the original issued report.

Measurement uncertainty

Metode Måleusikkerhet Enhet Kommentar
pH in coolants (SOP028 / ASTM D1287-20 (pH 7 – 10) +/- 0,5* na Changed 31.03.2023

* Expanded measurement uncertainty U and confidence level 95% (expanded factor k=2)


In order for the assessment to match the analyzed product as best as possible, it is very important that samples are labeled with the correct product.

Invicta AS assesses results according to internal specification (Invicta: Interpretation and information on coolants #542). This specification is internal, and has been developed based on over 30 years of experience with coolant analyses, as well as documentation from various coolant manufacturers and analysis laboratories. Extracts from the specification can be seen in this table (applies to pH in coolant).
Some products have their own decision rules on which values are acceptable (these then exceed Invicta’s internal specification – when known)

pH in coolant

Coolant type/Assesment: Red (critical) Yellow (warning) Green (ok) Yellow (warning) Red (critical)
OAT – Longlife ≤5,9 6,0 – 6,9 7,0 – 9,5 9,6 – 10 ≥10,1
IAT ≤5,9 6,0 – 8,4 8,5 – 11 11,1 – 12 ≥12,1
Hybrid/HIAT/unknown ≤4,9 5,0 – 6,9 7,0 – 11 11,1 – 12 ≥12,1




Note: “≥” means greater than or equal to, and “≤” means less than or equal to.